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Built with passion

For those who have followed my journey, this is for you.

Filled with obstacles, filled with hurdles to overcome, our brand embodies the journey; my journey and yours. Thanks for coming along.

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As an athlete, until you’re a professional you are not allowed to start a business or create something for yourself off the likeness of your name. Finally were starting to see the NCAA change that old way of thinking, This platform was built to show younger athletes the right way of creating a business for themselves and what they stand for.

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Built with passion

Gratitude for how high I have risen. Humble enough to know I need to give it back.

One of my biggest inspirations has always been Eric Thomas. It was 2012 while I playing football at the University of Washington. I first fell in love with the motivation he provided me and the feeling transpired into performance in games. I started to see myself as a leader on my football team and being a leader requires leading by example and speaking up to the team whenever necessary. Pregame speeches, half time talks, post game, or even during the week at practice I poured into the team. The mentality to lead combined with the experience of 3+ years in the NFL, the CFL & the highest level of collegiate sports allows me to give back at the highest level.

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